We are Risk Management, Insurance, and Business Management Service Providers dedicated to the success of our clients.
We help our clients increase profitability, protect their assets, and achieve their goals. 

We work with insurance agents, brokers, carriers, associations, groups, and others to provide risk management and insurance programs to protect and grow their businesses.

Our Mission is to Assist Businesses:

  • In Reducing their Risk to Loss
  • Protecting their Assets
  • Reducing their Insurance Costs
  • Providing Free Access to Valuable Legal Resources
  • Creating Win-Wn solutions for Businesses and Insurance Agencies
  • Implement Programs that Benefit Everyone Involved 

The business services we offer, benefit companies, their employees, and insurance agents. Our services are designed to improve a company's overall profitability.

Client Rewards

As an added benefit, when you become a client of Insurance Management Corporation, you also get access to additional savings through our Client Rewards Partners.

Additional Risks To Consider


"We Protect What Is Important To You"